World seems Beautiful,

When you are relaxing in air conditioned room and watching the World through television.

Nature seems Beautiful,

When you went to a resort in hill station and seeing the Nature from balcony.

Love seems Beautiful,

When you are having a coffee and reading about Love in ‘million copies sold’ novel.

Life seems Beautiful.

When you are Dreaming of it.


Excuse me

I did waited for you,
You never showed up,
I can forgive you for that.

I’m stupid, so I expected,
Asusal you forgot,
I can forgive you for that.

I trusted you
You lied to me
I can forgive you for that.

We made promises
You never kept them
I can forgive you for that.

I loved you
You broke my heart, a lot of times
I can forgive you for that

I respect you,
You played with my esteem
Sorry, I can’t forgive you. It’s over.

I’m fake

My feelings they aren’t real; they are just temporary.
My words, they are not true; they are fragile.
I satisfy my urges in the name of infatuation,
I make you feel guilty to satisfy my ego,
I cover up my cruelty with kindness,
My superiority complex never let you win myself.

You thought I’m joking when I said I’m dangerous. No, I mean it.
I said you are, it means I found you charming just for that moment. Later someone else is special to me.
I’m one rare Kind of villain.

Stay away from me, I don’t want you to became a victim.
Stay away from me, I wish your happiness above any other.
Stay away from me, cause I love you.

You, Mom

You are the only one I want to be with you every time when I want to cry.

I can cry without dues. Because you won’t judge me.

You saw me at my worst times, still believed that I’m the best.

A lot of times, I irritated you, I shouted at you. Sometimes I’m really mad at you. Still you understood me, you never left me alone.

You have been there for me, always. I can never be alone as long as you are there.

In most of our conversations, when I said, ‘Ma’, it actually means ‘I love you, Maa’

Love you Maa

Missing you so much


If life is a puzzle You won’t get all pieces at a time. You will find right piece at right time, if you are searching at right place. Missing pieces can always be replaced, be wise. Keep try to solve, mistakes leads you to optimization. Remember, How hard you tried, you can’t solve it before given time. Every step is important, every second counts.

Unfortunately Traveller

We walked through long ways, my friend
We went through forests, desserts and shores.
We experienced variant cultures and lives.

We are running from ourselves and from the people we love.
We are running in desire to find more, see more; unfortunately we lost our ways and ended up lonely.

How far we go, we always had to return to home, that’s where we belong.

Love Conditions

Don’t love me,

Out of sympathy

Don’t love me,

As a help

Don’t love me,

As a charity

Don’t love me,

Just because I love you

Don’t love me,

As a replacement

Don’t love me,

For fashion

Don’t love me,

For a reason

Please, don’t love me,

Out of loneliness

Love me,

Because you really really do love me.